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Wellbeing Support

Wellbeing Support for our Sixth Formers

At St. Cecilia’s College, we care for our students and want to ensure they are thriving academically and with their wellbeing.

We have a Wellbeing Lead in school to support the wellbeing of our post-16 students. The Wellbeing Lead promotes positive wellbeing through the delivery of a wellbeing curriculum by normalising student psychological fitness and resilience. Meet our newly appointed Wellbeing Lead Caoimhe Watson here.

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Additionally, our school has created a Wellbeing Hub – a base for the Wellbeing Lead but also a welcoming, relaxing and safe place for students to go to take part in the regular workshops, group drop-in sessions or one-to-one sessions.

Workshops cover a variety of topics including mindfulness, stress management, self-care, confidence, sleep hygiene, anxiety coping skills, healthy habits, and resilience. Group drop-in sessions allows pupils to take part in activities such as guided meditation, pebble painting, mindful colouring, or games. The private one-to-one sessions offer a chance to look in depth at what is concerning the pupil in a confidential setting. It can allow them to make sense of feelings or experiences and explore options for change by providing a safe space where they will feel respected and listened to.

We are proud to have received funding for the placement of our dedicated Wellbeing Lead from mdeducational foundation – a charity dedicated to prioritising student wellbeing through education and beyond. Learn more about the charity’s mission on their website.


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Wellbeing Support

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