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Aims & Vision

Aspire - Endeavour - Achieve

St. Cecilia’s College is a catholic, child-centred school. We aspire to recognise and value the uniqueness of each member of our school community. We endeavour to provide a caring, learning environment, which is inclusive, that will enable our pupils to play an active and responsible role in society and is designed so that all may experience and achieve success.


  • Catholic – As a Catholic school, we respect and care for each individual and value the partnership and contribution made by pupils, parents, staff, Board of Governors and the wider community.

  • Child Centred – We put the child at the heart of everything we do.

  • Continuous Development - We value the highest quality education and strive for excellence through continuous development in all areas.


  • To develop the spiritual life of the College by fostering and living out the Catholic ethos.

  • To provide an education which will enable our pupils to develop academically, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally and prepare them to become confident, responsible citizens.

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum to stimulate and help each individual pupil achieve their full potential.

  • To ensure that all pupils feel respected, cared for, valued and appreciated for their unique worth.

  • To challenge, encourage and support all in our school community to aspire, endeavour and achieve.

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