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Welcome to the Geography Department

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Department Members

Davina Talbot – Head of Department

Cheryl Rainey

Chris McMenamin

Charlene Mc Nulty


GCE A Level Geography
GCSE Geography

After School/Extracurricular Activities

We currently have a very active Environmental club headed by Mrs Rainey & her ‘Girls in Green’

After school revision support sessions

Geography Department Information

Over the years we have been entered for a variety of competitions, most notably the School Environmental Club Awards in Dublin where we were highly commended

Teachers nominated for Teacher of the year in the Environmental club sector

Students in the past have participated in the Environmental Youth Speak competitions

Students at various key Stages participate in a variety of school trips to the Giant’s Causeway, Marble Arch caves, Local wind farms, Seagate to Magilligan Field Centre where they complete their GCE and GCE


Geography Residential Fieldtrips for their examinations


The department has close links with the Rivers Agency, the Education Authority National Geopark, UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Tourist boards, a variety of Conservation groups most notably the National Trust

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