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What To Do If....

You are late

As soon as you come in you must register your finger on the Biometric system at Reception to record your time of arrival. You then must go to your Form Teacher to inform him/her why you are late otherwise you will be marked ‘absent’.

You have been absent for a day/days


When you return to school a written explanation of your absence must be provided by your parent/ guardian and shown to your Form Teacher. Your daybook can be used for such notes. Telephone calls are appreciated but do not replace your note which is needed for the Education Welfare Officer.


You are off for a longer period of time


Your parent/guardian should contact the school giving the reason for the delay in your return. A truancy call is automatically made to your home if you are late for first period.


You have to get out of school


If you have to get out of school to visit the doctor or orthodontist, bring an appointment card or note from your parent/guardian. Any such appointments should be kept to a minimum as they can have a very disruptive effect on your progress. You are expected to return to school promptly after appointments. Every effort should be made to make these appointments after school hours or during a holiday.


You feel ill


If you are not feeling well, tell your Class Teacher immediately, or report to your Form Teacher or Year Head, who will make the necessary arrangements.

You get an injury


If you have an injury which impedes your walking then you must telephone the school to arrange a meeting with Mrs Flynn – the Student Support Officer. You must make an appointment to allow Mrs Flynn to carry out a Risk Assessment with you and your parent.


If you have an injury inside of school please report immediately to your class teacher.


You may not leave the school premises without permission and your parent/guardian should collect you from the school office. It is against Child Protection regulations to send you to any adult waiting outside the school premises. The use of taxis to collect you is not permitted. Parents/Guardians must come to Reception in person to collect you.

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