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Guardian Angels

Early in September, recruitment for Guardian Angels takes place. Peer mediation training is offered as part of the Year 13 Induction programme, 80 volunteered to take part in this school system. Year 8 pupils are allocated angels who would help them settle into their first year at St. Cecilia’s. 


The training was provided by Miss O'Sullivan. During the training, a variety of problems that people might have are discussed and the guardian angels become aware of different strategies on how to deal with them.


Confidentiality is an important part of the Guardian Angel System, pupils making use of this peer support must be able to trust the service. The angels become aware that confidentiality has its limits. If someone is being hurt or harmed, the guardian angels must notify Miss O'Sullivan immediately.


The training is very helpful and necessary to ensure the success of the Guardian Angel System. The aim of the Guardian Angel System is to help younger students make friends with their peers and older students at the school. The angels are able to encourage their year 8 pupils to make friends and guide them to improve their behaviour. Angels have the opportunity to help those younger than themselves; they develop good skills of listening and empathy.


They provide a positive role model by helping to solve problems and arguments with the aid of staff. The angels and Year 8 pupils get to know each other by working through the “About Me” booklet in the first term. On Tuesday morning at registration and on Tuesday at lunchtime the angels meet with their Year 8 pupils.


During this time the Year 8 pupils have the opportunity to chat with their angels and seek advice if they have any problems.

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID

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